The staff at Luca's are professional, caring, considerate and here to make sure your visit is as pleasant an experience as possible.

"I couldn't do without the first-rate team of people I have working with me."
Paul, pictured here with his son Luca, has worked tirelessly to make Luca's what it is today.
"I love cooking Italian food, and the greatest reward is to hear that people have enjoyed it."
The kitchen is where is all happens. Without these people we wouldn't have the high quality standards and food that we offer.
"Working at Luca's is really enjoyable even on the very busy nights. I love talking to customers."
The waitresses and waiters work hard to provide a first class service and help keep things running smoothly.
"It's been a pleasure serving tonight. All the food looked and smelled delicious, especially the Lamb, and everyone had a good time."
Even at the end of the night the staff still work hard.