Luca's restaurant is located in a glorious and somewhat historical building that was originally erected in 1894 to house the Keswick School of Industrial Arts. Designed to reflect the traditional Cumbrian method of building with local slate for the walls and roof, and volcanic stone for the gables, the style of the building was based loosely on local barns with spinning galleries; many of which no longer exist but of those that do, perhaps, Yew Tree Farm (on the way to Coniston) is the most famous.

The School continued to prosper over the following decades moving the style of the work produced with the times, from the Arts & Crafts movement to Art Nouveau.

Unable to compete with cheaper, imported, goods the school closed in 1984 exactly 100 years after it first opened its doors.

Of such high quality was the work produced by the school it is highly sought after today. A quick search of the Internet would lead you to discover many auction houses (Christies for one) having sold relatively small pieces for many hundreds of pounds. Set up by Canon Rawnsley, he later went on to create The National Trust.

Apart from just the building there are still some interesting original features remaining, such as:

  • Over the main windows is the following couplet (two line rhyme) "The Loving Eye And Patient Hand, Shall Work With Joy and Bless The Land."
  • To the right of the main restaurant entrance is an original iron handrail with a crafted leaf design

But it's the building and the location by the river that really sets everything off and why we are so privileged to be able to offer our services from such a fabulous, convenient, location.

For more information on the Keswick School of Industrial Arts click here

The Loving Eye And Patient Hand, Shall Work With Joy and Bless The Land